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The following section defines terminology that we will use throughout this document.  While simple in architecture, Blue Prairie Forms leverages many common UNIX facilities. Having a clear understanding of the terminology used will help you avoid confusion as you read the remainder of this document.

Blue Prairie

The name of the company that developed and owns the Blue Prairie Forms product.  Sometimes, Blue Prairie will be referenced as BP or BPI (Blue Prairie, Inc.)  We will sometimes refer to the Print Server as the Linux Open Office Print Server (LOOPS) or the Open Office / Libre Office (OOLO) server.

Blue Prairie Forms

The forms product developed by Blue Prairie, Inc.  This will sometimes be abbreviated to BP Forms or BPF.


A database that follows the Pick (MultiValue) model.  MultiValue products supported by Blue Prairie Forms include UniVerse, UniData, jBASE and D3.

MultiValue Server

The physical or virtual server where the MultiValue database runs

Print Server

Print Server refers to a Linux virtual or physical machine where the Open Office software suite resides.  The Print Server listens on the network for print jobs created by the MultiValue host then it processes the print job and delivers it to the designated printer.

Open Office

This is the Office Suite software developed by The Apache Software Foundation.  Open Office includes a word processor called Writer, a spreadsheet called Calc and a number of other modules to round out the office suite.  Open Office is free and can be downloaded from the Apache Software Foundation.  A compatible fork of Open Office called Libre Office may also be used with BP Forms. 

Libre Office

See Open Office