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Cloudstreet Portal Content Management

Content Management: More than Invoices & Statements

Cloudstreet Portal combines the ease of use of a Content Management System and the valuable data currently locked away in your Enterprise Systems to provide secure, easy to use access to your customers, employees and partners. 

Cloudstreet Portal Working with Documents

Sharing Information Has Never Been Easier

CloudStreet Portal will transform the way your business shares information – with employees, customers, vendors and partners. Using data available from your ERP system, CloudStreet Portal gives users immediate access to documents generated by business transactions, without compromising the security of your back-end application or the associated

Cloudstreet Portal Site Administration

Powerful, Easy-to-use Site & User Admin

CloudStreet Portal provides site administrators with a suite of easy-to-use management tools that simplify site and user administration. User management is a particularly powerful and flexible component of CloudStreet Portal as responsibility for user registration is placed in the hands of the users themselves, thereby reducing the burden on IT staff without compromising system security.

Cloudstreet Portal Success Story

Smyth Automotive

Smyth Automotive was looking for a way to distribute documents to its customers and partners to lower paper and mailing costs.  Cloudstreet Portal delivered while lowering Smyth's labor costs and giving its customers a superior 24x7 experience.  Read more about how CloudStreet Portal delivered for Smyth