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What is Cloudstreet Portal?

Cloudstreet Portal is an extension to the popular, open source, award-winning Joomla Content Management System. Cloudstreet's goal is to allow you to combine the rich data stored in your ERP/MRP system with Joomla's award-winning ease of use.  This allows you to easily and securely share information from your ERP/MRP to your business stakeholders including customers, vendors, employees and even the general public.  Joomla is responsive and mobile friendly which allows you to effortlessly distribute business data across virtually any device.  Joomla is in use on millions of sites around the world with a vibrant ecosystem of extensions, plugins, templates and more.  Joomla developers are abundant across the globe ensuring that Cloudstreet will remain one of the most popular, secure, user-friendly, and affordable frameworks for building your powerful web presence.