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BP Forms using standard barcode font-packs for Open Office to produce barcodes.  However, some barcode scanners require that the data displayed in the barcode be specially encased or encoded for the scanner to properly function.  The most common requirement is that the barcoded data be encased with an lead-in character and end with a lead-out character.  Normally the lead-in and lead-out characters will be the same character and it is usually asterisk *.

You can easily add the lead-in, lead-out characters within the BP Forms template by simple adding a * on either side of the placeholder tag for the tag to be barcoded.

For example.  If you have a tag like this:


Simply edit the tag to read


Additional information about how to encoded data for barcode presentation can be read in this excellent article from ID Automation (The makers of the IdAutomation3of9 barcode font).

For another in-depth discussion about barcodes, see our help article Form Design: Using Barcodes