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Choose Your Interface

Your Blue Prairie Forms Open Office Print Server is configured with a number of administrative interfaces that can be used to manage various aspects of your forms system.  For a detailed description of the various Administrative Interfaces available, please reference the topic Administrative Interfaces.  This section describes in greater detail the specific interfaces that can be utilized to manage your print jobs. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with each of the provided interfaces and then decide which interface you prefer.


The console is normally access via VNC.  Once you have access to the console, you may use thePrinters or Print Setting utilities. Follow the directions for accessing VNC and use the desktop and its admin utilities to manage printers by accessing the menu System > Administration > Printing.

Just like Windows printer manager, a list of printers will appear.  You can modify a printer by simply right clicking on it and choosing “Properties”.  A window like this will appear:

From this window you may change characteristics and behaviors of printers.  To add a new printer, assuming that your network is configured to allow discovery, Linux will find the available printers and allow you to simply choose them and assign them a printer name on the Linux print server.

Example Add a Printer

Choose New > Printer from the menu

As you can see in the example above, the Network Printer menu it Linux will present a list of printers that it finds on your network.  If network discovery is not working for you, simply follow the Add printer wizard and CUPS will walk you through the prompts to manually configure the printer.

Print Jobs

To see print jobs for a specific printer, right click on the printer and choose “View Print Queue”. A dialog box like this will appear:


The CUPS Page

CUPS stands for the Common Unix Printing System and is the printing system for UNIX and Linux systems (and even Macintosh).  T

Connecting to the CUPS Printer Page

To access the CUPS page, you simply need to have a Browser.

Point your browser at http://ipAddressOfOpenOfficeServer:631

Using the tabs at the top of the page, you can browse through the available printers and jobs.  If you have been granted privileges, you can add, change and remove printers, jobs, etc. 

Example 'Printers' Page

Example 'Jobs' Page

The CUPS printer page listens on port 631 of the open office server.